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There was an Indian Government Residency in the capital of Nepal, Katmandu.

The titular head of Nepalese government was His Highness the Maharajadhiraj, but the real ruler of the country was the Prime Minister, a hereditary officer.

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India and the Frontier States of Afghanistan, Nipal and Burma by J Talboys Wheeler 1899 Printed in New York. Volume I, Volume II Includes a supplementary chapter in Volume II, but otherwise the text is probably the same.
  • "Eighteen Months in Nepal" by Lieut.-Colonel H L Showers page 595 Blackwood’s Magazine No 199, January-June 1916. The author was in charge of the Indian Government Nepal Residency from Spring 1912 to October 1913.
  • The Land of the Gurkhas or the Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal by Major W Brook Northey, late 1st KGO Gurkha Rifles. Reprint edition, first published 1937., Public Library of India Collection. The author held the post of Recruiting Officer for five years, during which he was permitted to visit the interiors of Nepal that were out of bounds to other Europeans. Also available to download as a pdf from Pahar-Mountains of Central Asia Digital Dataset.
  • Also see books on the Fibiwiki page Gurkha Rifles.