Okhamandal State Railway

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Okhamandal State Railway and Kuranga-Okha Railway
Also refered to as Kuranga-Okha Railway and Kuranga-Adatra Railway

Okhamandal State Railway and Kuranga-Okha Railway

The Okhamandal State Railway was a 37 mile(59km) metre gauge(MG) line financed by the Princely Okhamandal State. The line between Kuranga and Arthara +((see note) was sanctioned in 1913. It was reported that as at 1918 "work on this line has been stopped for the present" due to the war. [1] [2].

The actual date of opening of this line has not been found – it must be between 1919 and 1921

+ Spelling Note:

  • Kuranga via Dwarka to Okha is about 38 miles. So Arthara must be close to Okha.
  • Adatra is used in 1943 as the terminal of the 37 mile railway from Kuranga [3]. It is possible Arthara and Adatra are the same place

Later History

1921: the Gaekwar's Baroda State Railway(GBSR) took over the management and operation of the ‘Okhamandal State Railway’.

1922: Kuranga-Okha Railway was the name given to the railway on the opening of the Okha Port Trust Railway [2] .

1923 : the operation and maintenance of the railway was passed to the Jamnagar and Dwarka Railway(JDR) [2].

1931: The 1931 Map [4] shows the JDR as working the line from Jamnagar via Kuranga and to Okha Port.

1943: The 1943 Record describes this railway as the Kuranga-Adatra Railway[3]

1948: Saurashtra Railway came into being in April, 1948 with the amalgamation of a number of state railways which included the ‘Okhamandal Railway’ and the ‘Jamnagar and Dwarka Railway [5].

Further Information

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