Okhamandal State Railway

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The Okhamandal State Railway was a 37 mile(59km) metre gauge(MG) line financed by the Princely Okhamandal State. The line between Kuranga and Arthara was sanctioned in 1913. As at 1918 "work on this line has been stopped or the present" due to the war. [1] [2]

In 1921 the Gaekwar's Baroda State Railway(GBSR) took over the management and operation of the Okhamandal State Railway. In 1922 the Kuranga-Okha Railway branch was opened which linked to the Okha Port Trust Railway.

In 1923 the operation and maintenance of the Okhamandal State Railway was passed to the Jamnagar and Dwarka Railway. [2] Saurashtra Railway came into being in April, 1948 with the amalgamation of a number of state railways which included Okhamandal Railway. [3]


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