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Raoul De Bourbel Capt. R.E.(1872)

  • 1850 Jun 14, Bengal Engineers, appointed 2nd Lieut. [1].
  • 1855 Jan 23, Bengal Engineers, promoted 1st Lieut. [1]
  • 1858 Aug 27, Bengal Engineers, promoted Captain [1]
  • 1862 Apr 1, the Bengal Engineers (together with the Bombay and Madras Engineers) were amalgamated into the Corps of Royal Engineers (R.E.) [2].

Railway Acheivements

Probate Record

1904.Maj Gen Raoul de BOURBEL, 8th Marquis Montpinon, Marquis of Srinager Kashmir India retired Major General in the Royal Engineers died 25 Mar 1904 at Lahore India. Probate London on 1 Jul to Augustus Alfred de Bourbel retired Capt in H.M. Army and James Francis Herbert Collett Esq. Effects £2150 4s 6d