Second Campaign 1860

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The second phase of the 2nd China War.


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Northern Campaign
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After the Qing Government rejected the Treaty of Tianjin Anglo-French forces tried unsuccessfully to take the Taku Forts in June 1859. In the summer of 1860 a larger Anglo-French force sailed from Hong Kong and captured the port cities of Chefoo (Yantai) and Dairen (Dalian). They then landed north of Tianjin which they captured. There followed a series of battles as the British and French advanced on Peking. The Battle of Pa-li-chao in September defeated the Chinese finally and the Summer Palace in Peking was destroyed. The Convention of Peking ratified the Treaty of Tianjin, the opium trade was legalized, China was opened to western merchants and Britain and France were paid a huge indemnity.

British Expeditionary Force

11,000 troops under Gen James Hope Grant

1st Brigade

2nd Brigade

3rd Brigade

4th Brigade

Cavalry Brigade


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