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Also known as 67th (South Hampshire) Regiment of Foot


  • 1758 2nd Battalion, 20th Regiment of Foot redesignated as the 67th Regiment of Foot
  • 1782 renamed the 67th (South Hampshire) Regiment of Foot
  • 1881 amalgamated with the 37th North Hampshire Regiment to become 2nd Battalion The Hampshire Regiment
  • 1946 became The Royal Hampshire Regiment
  • 1992 merged with the Queens Regiment to become The Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment (Queen's and Royal Hampshires)

Service in British India

67th Regiment of Foot succeeded by 2nd Btn Hampshire Regt
1805 India 1881 Madras
1817 Mahratta War 1883 Secunderabad
1819 India 1885 Burma
1858 India 1887 India
1913 Mhow 1896 Mooltan
1862 Shanghai
1872 Burma
1876 India
1878 Afghanistan
1880 India

First World War

1/4th, 2/4th, 1/5th, 2/5th, 1/6th, 1/7th, 2/7th, and 1/9th (Cyclist), Battalions, spent at least some time in India, before being transferred elsewhere, including Mesopotamia.

During their time in India, many drafts were provided for Hampshire Regiments in Mesopotamia. As an example, two War Diaries show that 1/4 Hants received drafts from 1/4 Bn India, 2/4, 1/6 Bn, 1/7 Bn, 2/7 Bn India.[1]

1/5th Battalion "arrived in Bombay on 9th November, 1914, and proceeded to Allahabad. Volunteers were called for to go to Mesopotamia (1 officer and 50 o.r.), and in 1915 the battalion was split up and detachments sent to various spots until reassembling at Fyzabad in March 1916. They then appear to have done a Grand Tour of cantonments, even taking in several months in Burma in 1918 (!). More fun in the Punjab in early 1919, dealing with riots, before taking part in the Afghan campaign in May/June 1919 (temperatures of 125 degrees F in the tents ... nice) before departing in October and arriving back in Southampton on 8th November 1919".[2]

Oswald S. Early was a First World War wireless operator with the 1/9th Battalion Territorial Force of the Royal Hampshire Regiment, serving from 1916 to 1919 in India, Iraq and Afghanistan. He kept a diary which was later published.[3]

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FIBIS resources

Regimental journal

Our Chronicle: Published Monthly by the 67th (South Hants) Regiment

The first issue was published in Rangoon on 1st Jan 1873, and was continued until at least 1893. Copies are held in the Regimental Museum (see link below). The National Army Museum has editions of Our Chronicle 1873-1885 in its catalogue (no further details given)

Google Books have the following 2 volumes which appear to be accessible by those in North America, and possibly some other countries, but are not generally accessible.

The Hampshire Regimental Journal

Published from 1905. The British Library has some issues from 1905, but it is unclear what the holding is. The Regimental Museum, refer below, holds issues from 1905-1992. The National Army Museum is another source and the catalogue indicates Volumes 1-33, published 1938, are held, with a few later editions.

External links

Historical books online

  • Historical Record of the Sixty - Seventh, or the South Hampshire Regiment of Foot: containing an account of the formation of the regiment in 1758, and of its subsequent services to 1849 by Richard Cannon 1849 Google Books. Indian Service commences page 12 in 1805 in Calcutta
  • 2/4 Battalion. Hampshire Regiment 1914-1919 Published 1920?. State Library of Victoria. May be slow to open. The Battalion was in India January 1915-April 1917, where it provided many drafts for Mesopotamia, and was then in Palestine and France.
The Wanderings of a Temporary Warrior : a territorial officer's narrative of service (and sport) in three continents by Captain Alban F L Bacon (late Hampshire Regiment) [2/4 Battalion] 1922. Archive.org. India, Egypt/Palestine, Western Front.
  • Memoirs of the Great War by James Racine c 1920. Pages 80-102 cover the author's voyage to India from October 1916 and his period in India as an officer with the 2/5th Battalion of the Hampshire Regiment in Secunderabad until the Battalion was transferred to Egypt. Archive.org
  • Letters from Mesopotamia in 1915 and January, 1916 from Robert Palmer 1916 Archive.org. He went with a draft from the 6th Hants, in India since November 1914, to reinforce the 4th Hants. Both these regiments were part of the Territorial Force. He was killed June 21, 1916, aged 27 years. The initial letters were written in India.


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