Siege of Coimbatore

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Siege of Coimbatore
Part of 3rd Mysore War
Date: 13 June- 3 November 1791
Location: Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu
Presidency: Madras Presidency
Co-ordinates: 10.991160°N 76.993902°E
Result: British defeat
East India Company Kingdom of Mysore
Lt Chalmers Kummer-ud-Deen
120 Topasses
200 Travancore sepoys
350 Madras sepoys
8000 infantry
"many irregulars"
14 guns and 4 mortars


Charles Cornwallis entrusted the defence of Coimbatore province and Palghaut to Major Cuppage who considered Coimbatore fort indefensible. Lieutenant Chalmers (later General Sir John Chalmers) was in charge of the town and decided to defend the fort which was invested on 13 July by Tipu's forces consisting of 200 infantry, a considerable body of cavalry and 8 guns. After a long bombardment, the enemy launched a general assault on 11 August which was repulsed by the determined defenders assisted by a young Frenchman, Migot de la Combe, who was in the service of the Rajah of Travancore and commanded the sepoys. Tipu's general, Kummer-ud-Deen, renewed the siege with greater forces and the garrison was obliged to capitulate on 3 November despite an attempt by Cuppage to relieve the fort.

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