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The Society for Army Historical Research publishes a Journal which includes articles on an irregular basis about both the EIC Armies and the British Army in India.

The Society states their "interests embrace both Army and Regimental history, military antiquities and pictures, uniforms, badges and medals, arms and equipment, customs and traditions and the history of land warfare in general. The study of campaigns, commanders and the political aspects of war is covered from the sixteenth century to the 1960s."


The Society states their "main activity is the publication of a quarterly Journal reflecting the members' interests and the results of their own research covering any aspect of the history and traditions of the British Army, including the Militia and Volunteer Forces, and armies levied by the Crown in earlier times, the history of land forces in the countries of the Commonwealth and former British Empire."

There are three volumes of indexes covering Volumes 1-40, 1921-1962; Volumes 41-68, 1963-1990; Volumes 69-84, 1991-2006. The contents of the volumes from 2007 is listed on the website and may be read here.

The British Library appears to hold most volumes of the Journal of the Society for Army Historical Research along with indexes.

Many of the articles may be read online for free on the website, subject to registration with, and restrictions apply. For more details about Jstor, and the restrictions, see the page Miscellaneous tips. Alternatively you may be able to log in with a Library card.

The following are examples of articles which have been of interest to researchers.

  • Volume 53,1975, pages 27-47. "The Dress Regulations of the Madras Artillery, 1842" by P. E. Abbott. A detailed description of the uniforms of all ranks of the Madras Artillery in 1842.
  • Volume 54,1976 pp. 3-13. "The Barrackpore Mutiny Of 1824" by Thomas Erskine Dempster. Thomas Erskine Dempster was Medical Officer in charge of the Regiment at the time of the 1824 mutiny by the 47th Native Infantry at Barrackpore, Bengal. In his account of the mutiny, he outlines the conditions and events leading up to the mutiny, provides an eye-witness account of the action, then describes the hangings and subsequent repeals that occurred later. He concludes with some personal observations and reasoning with regard to the circumstances of the revolt.
  • Volume 247, Autumn 1983 page 142-159. "Nathaniel Washington Bancroft" by Kenneth E. Curtis, a biographical article about a soldier in the EIC Army Bengal Horse Artillery, born early 1820's, who wrote the book From Recruit to Staff Sergeant, published 1885. Elsewhere, it is said Bancroft "gives particular emphasis on the Sikh wars that culminated in the three Sutlej battles, which he describes in gory detail. His account of the actions of the artillery in the Sikh battles match with accuracy to the official accounts, giving a reliable illustration of the tactics of that time. Bancroft gives a tactile description of the sights and sounds of the battlefield, as they were seen and heard from the men on the ground".[1] A 1979 reprint of this book is available at the British Library. A recent reprint is available with a changed title.[2]
  • Volume 247, Autumn 1983 pages 160-185. "The Auxiliary Force (India)" by A. A. Mains. An article about the European Volunteer Movement in India, later known as the Auxiliary Force, India.
  • Volume 74, Spring 1996 pp. 52-56 "A Highlanders' Grave at Probolinggo East Java" by E. Edwards McKinnon. Officers of the 78th Highlanders were killed in May 1813 trying to enforce a new 'land distribution scheme' with which many of the locals did not agree.
  • Volume 79, 2001 pages 119-130 "Europeans who sided with the Mutineers in India 1857-9: The Christian Bandsmen of the Native Infantry Regiments" by John Fraser.
  • Volume 79, 2001 No. 320 pages 295-312. "The Dress Regulations of the Bombay Artillery, 1844" by P.E. Abbott. A detailed description of the uniforms of all ranks of the Bombay Artillery.
  • Volume 80, Summer 2002 pages 110-127 "More Europeans Who Sided with the Mutineers in India" by John Fraser.
  • Volume 80, 2002, pages 326-334. "Beyond The Queen's Shilling: Reflections On The Pay Of Other Ranks In The Victorian British Army" by Cameron Pulsifer. A comparative survey of rates of military and civilian pay, 1860-1900.