47th Regiment of Bengal Native Infantry

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  • 1804 raised as 1st Btn 24th Regiment of Bengal Native Infantry following 1796 reorganisation when previous 24th was absorbed by 7th Regiment
  • 1824 1st Battalion became 47th Regiment of Bengal Native Infantry under Major W C Baddeley
  • 1824 disbanded and name was struck from the record following the Barrackpore Mutiny.
  • 1828 69th Regiment renumbered 47th Regiment of Bengal Native Infantry

In the Indian Mutiny the regiment did not rebel and, in the ensuing disbandment of Bengal Army regiments, the 47th became the seventh most senior.

  • 1861 became the 7th Bengal Native Infantry

For subsequent history see 7th (Duke of Connaught's Own) Rajput Regiment of Bengal Infantry

Barrackpore Mutiny

There is an interesting article in Volume 54, 1976 of the Journal of the Society for Army Historical Research. Thomas Erskine Dempster was Medical Officer in charge of the Regiment at the time of the 1824 Barrackpore Mutiny by the 47th Regiment of Bengal Native Infantry at Barrackpore, Bengal. In his account of the mutiny, he outlines the conditions and events leading up to the mutiny, provides an eye-witness account of the action, then describes the hangings and subsequent repeals that occurred later. He concludes with some personal observations and reasoning with regard to the circumstances of the revolt.

Access the article at jstor.org. Registration is required, see Miscellaneous tips.

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