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Walter Home C.I.E.

Trained at the Royal Indian Engineering College (R.I.E.) at Coopers Hill in Surrey, UK and appointed on 1st Oct 1877 to the Indian Public Works Department Railways Branch State Railways and posted as Assistant Engineer. [1]

  • 1877 Oct; Assistant Engineer
  • 1891 Dec; Executive Engineer
  • 1900 May, Awarded K-i-H Medal (Kaisar-i-Hind Medal for Public Service in India)
  • 1904 Feb; Superintendent Engineer
  • 1904 Jun; Awarded C.I.E. (Companion of the Order the Indian Empire)

Railway Achievements


  • 1882 Apr; Jodhpur State RailwayAppointed as Manager and in-charge of Public Works Department, Marwar State. He built Jodhpur Railway from scratch.
  • 1889; Jodhpur-Bikaner Railway formed from the two States of Jodhpur and Bikhaner to promote railway development jointly within the Rajasthan Agency.
  • 1906 Oct; Resignation, after a quarter century, at the time of his departure to U.K. on October 4, 1906, Jodhpur-Bikaner Railway was having operations over 828 miles in the territories of Sind (under British control) and in territories of the States of Jodhpur and Bikaner.
  • c.1907; Burma Railway Company appointed as Managing Director due to his previous managing a metre gauge line on most profitable basis. When taking charge, Burma Railway had about 600 miles of route open for traffic. He served as Managing Director for about two decades. And at the close of his era, Burma Railway extended its operations over 1800 miles. The situation has not changed much since Walter Home's time.