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William Arthur Brunton (1840-1881) was the son of a notable engineer John Brunton

Railway Achievements in India

  • 1857, Assistant Engineer, age 17, with the Scinde Railway(Sind Railway) and the Indus Valley Railway [1].
  • Area Surveyor on the Scinde Railway(Sind Railway) and the Indus Valley Railway.
  • 1859-1961. He was responsible for the erection of the thirty-two 45 foot (13.7M) spans of the Bahrun Valley Viaduct [1]. This is the longest bridge on the Karachi-Kotri section and is a viaduct across the Bahrun River. Construction on this bridge was started on 5 March 1859 and completed on 26 January 1861 [2].
  • 1868-70, District Engineer, Oudh and Rohilkhand Railway [1].
  • 1870 returned to Britain and remained in his father's business until he died in 1881.


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