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John Brunton (1812-1899) [1]

Railway Achievements in India

  • 1856 Mar, received three proposals for employment in India:-
    • To take charge of constuction of Railways in the Island of Ceylon
    • To superinend the erection of 2 large Iron Bridges for the 'East India Railway Company''
    • As Chief Engineer of the Scinde Railway between Karachi and Kotri on the Indus - this was the employment he chose and included the employment of his son William Arthur Brunton, age 17, as Assistant Engineer [2]
  • 1857, Chief Resident Engineer of Scinde Railway [3]
  • 1858-62, "Supervised the construction of the 108 miles(174km) of the 'Scinde Railway' between Karachi and Kotri until its completion in 1862. His detailed "Description of the line and works of the Scinde Railway" [4] itemise the problems of building in the tropics.'
  • 1858,'Indus Flotilla', sister operation to 'Scinde Railway', Engineer-in Charge to run on the Indus between Kotri and Multan, which by the River was 700 miles(1100km)[5]
  • He also surveyed the line of the Indus Valley State Railway and then returned to Britain.
  • From 1870 Consulting Engineer to Karachi, being the Engineer to the Karachi Tramway which operated on the roads of that city 'with Chief Engineer John Brunton, whose name was long known in Karachi in connection with the Karachi-Kotri section of the Scinde Railway line which had been constructed under his supervision' [6]

His son William Arthur Brunton from 1857-70 was an Engineer with the Scinde Railway, the Indus Valley Railway and finally the Oudh and Rohilkhand Railway [3].

Recommended Reading

The following book is 'Waiting for Review' by FIBIS "The Diary of John Brunton"

  • Brunton, John, "The Diary of John Brunton, Engineer, East India Railway Company", Karchi: City Press, 1997. ISBN 99-8380-03-5. (Reprint version). Originally printed by Cambridge University Press, 1939. The Introduction to the book is available in Preview Google Books (Title transferred January 2016)