Attock District

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Attock District
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Presidency: Bengal
Headquarters: Campbellpur
Present Day Details
Name: Attock District, Chakwal District
State/Province: Punjab
Country: Pakistan
Map of Attock District

Attock District was part of Rawalpindi Division of Punjab Province during the British period.


Cities and Towns


  • Attock
  • Fatehjang
  • Pindigheb
  • Tallagang


The following officials were posted within the district:

In 1907

In 1930

  • Deputy Commissioner
  • Sub-Divisional Commissioner, Pindigheb (also Revenue Assistant for this area)
  • 6 Extra Assistant Commissioners (one also in charge of Treasury and another the Revenue Assistant)
  • Civil Surgeon
  • 5 Assistant Surgeons
  • Medical Officer of Health
  • 32 Sub-Assistant Surgeons (each in charge of one rural dispensary)


  • Gazetteer of the Attock District 1930, Punjab Government, Lahore 1932. Reprint: Sang-e-Meel Publications, Lahore, Pakistan 1989

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