Bahrun Valley Viaduct

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Bahrun Valley Viaduct

The Bahrun Valley Viaduct was the longest bridge on the 'Karachi-Kotri Section' and is a viaduct across the Bahrun River. Construction on this bridge by the ‘Scinde Railway ’ was started on 5 March 1859 and completed on 26 January 1861 [1].

Kotri is on the west bank of the Indus River, facing Hyderabad on the east bank. The bridge over the Bahrun River (now called the Baran River) is 7 miles(11km) south west from Kotri

The ‘Scinde Railway ’ was amalgamated in 1870 to form the ‘Scinde, Punjaub & Delhi Railway ’ , and which in 1886 became part of the ‘North Western Railway ‘(NWR) when the line and this bridge became part of the ‘NWR Mainline’.

The Viaduct

The route involved construction a large stone viaduct, the heaviest piece of masonry upon the line with a length of 1,728 feet(527 metres), work commenced 1859 and completed in Jan 1861 [2].


  • William Arthur Brunton was responsible for the erection of the thirty-two 45 foot (13.7M) spans of the 'Bahrun Valley Viaduct' [3].