First Siege of Lucknow

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First Siege of Lucknow
Part of Indian Mutiny
Date: 1 July-27 September 1857
Location: Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh
Presidency: Bengal
Co-ordinates: 26.812800°N 80.901300°E
Result: British success
East India Company Rebel Sepoys
Sir Henry Lawrence
Brig John Inglis
855 British troops
712 Indians
153 civilian volunteers
1,280 non-combatants
8,000 sepoy
Several hundred local irregulars
Lucknow 1857

This was part of the Events at Lucknow during the Indian Mutiny


After the mutiny of the 1st Oude Infantry was quelled on 3 May, Henry Lawrence anticipated trouble and brought civilians into the Residency which he fortified. Mutiny broke out on 30 May in the 13th, 48th and 71st Bengal Native Infantry stationed in the cantonment some four miles from the city. They were driven out by the 32nd Regiment of Foot though a number of Europeans were killed.

News came on 30 June that rebel forces were gathering north of Lucknow. Lawrence set out to meet them with the 32nd Regiment and remaining loyal elements of the Native Regiments. At the Battle of Chinhut numbers of sepoys defected and the force was compelled to retreat to Lucknow where the siege proper began. Lawrence was wounded and died on 4 July being succeeded by Brigadier John Inglis.

At the end of July Maj-Gen Henry Havelock attempted to relieve the city from Cawnpore but was forced to retire due to lack of forces. In September Maj-Gen Sir James Outram with reinforcements took command at Cawnpore and mounted a relief expedition under Havelock who drove the rebels from their strongpoint at the Battle of Alambagh. Havelock fought his way through to the Residency but it proved impossible to evacuate the sick and non-combatants. He therefore remained besieged while a small force occupied the Alambagh.

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A Personal Journal of the Siege of Lucknow by Capt R P Anderson 1858
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He arrived in India 1856. Appointed to Lucknow. Wounded and died during the Siege of Lucknow July 1857.
The Siege of Lucknow, A Diary by The Honourable Lady Inglis 1892 ( The author was Julia Inglis, the wife of Lieutenant- Colonel John E. W. Inglis, 32nd Regiment of Foot.

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