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Lt Gen Sir James Outram, Bart. GCB

Lieutenant General Sir James Outram, 1st Baronet GCB KSI (1803-1863) was a British soldier who went to India in 1819 as an ensign in the 4th Bombay Native Infantry. He was made a lieutenant in the Grenadier Regiment of Bombay Native Infantry then transferred to the 12th Bombay Native Infantry. He spent 14 years in the Khandesh where he gained the confidence of the Bhil tribespeople and raised a Bhil Light Infantry Corps. He served as political agent in Gujarat then under Sir John Keane in the 1st Afghan War. He accompanied General Willshire to the Capture of Kelat and was political agent in Lower Sind and later also Upper Sind. He bitterly opposed Sir Charles Napier's policies which led to the Sind Campaign and the annexation of the territory of the amirs. In 1847 he was made British resident at Baroda but his campaign against corruption led to his dismissal from the post. In 1857 he was given a command in the Persian War and his success gained him a GCB. At the outbreak of the Indian Mutiny he commanded two divisions of the Bengal Army and succeeded Henry Lawrence as Chief Commissioner of Oudh. He was instrumental in the Recapture of Cawnpore and the Recapture of Lucknow. He retired to England in 1860.

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