Capture of Kalat 1839

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Capture of Kalat 1839
Part of 1st Afghan War 1839-42
Date: 13 November 1839
Location: Kalat, Baluchistan]
Presidency: Bombay
Co-ordinates: 29.132475°N 66.639079°E
Result: British victory
British & Indians Baluchis
Maj Gen Sir Thomas Willshire Mir Mehrab Khan
1,261 2,000
31 killed
107 wounded

This was an event during the 1st Afghan War
For context see main article Affairs in Beloochistan


Mehrab, the Khan of Kalat, had instigated numerous raids on the Army of the Indus on its way to Kandahar. Major-General Willshire was returning from Kabul via Quetta and was ordered by Sir John Keane to capture Kalat. He drove the defenders from nearby hills and stormed the fortress. Mehrab Khan was killed and Shah Newaz Khan installed in his place.

Attacking Forces

  • Staff (14 officers) Brig Baumgardt commanding
  • 2nd Regiment of Foot (344 officers and men under Major Carruthers)
  • 17th Regiment of Foot (398 officers and men under Lt-Col Croker)
  • 31st Bengal Native Infantry (396 officers and men under Major Western)
  • Detachment 3rd Troop Bombay Horse Artillery (40 officers and men, 2 guns under Brig Stevenson)
  • Shah's Artillery (4 guns)
  • Bombay Engineers (under Captain Peat)
  • 2 Ressallas of Bengal Local Horse (in charge of baggage)

Named casualties



  • Lieut P Gravatt, HM 2nd Regiment


  • Capt W M Lyster, HM 2nd Regiment, severely
  • Capt T Sealey, HM 2nd Regiment, severely
  • Lieut T W E Holdsworth, HM 2nd Regiment, slightly
  • Lieut D J Dickinson, HM 2nd Regiment, slightly
  • Adj J E Simmons, HM 2nd Regiment, severely
  • Capt L C Bonschier, HM 17th Regiment, severely
  • Capt Lawrin, 31st bengal Native Infantry, slightly
  • Ensign Hopper, 31st bengal Native Infantry, severely



  • Mir Mehrab Khan, Khan of Kalat
  • Mir Wali Mahomed, Muengal Sirdar of Wudd
  • Abdul Karim, Ruhsani Sirdar
  • Dan Karim, Shuhwani Sirdar
  • Mahomed Ruza, Nephew of Wazir Mahomed Hussein
  • Khysur Khan, Ahsehiee Sirdar
  • Dewan Bechah Mul, Financial Minister
  • Noor Mahomed, Shahgassee Sirdar
  • Tajoo Mahomed, Shahgassee Sirdar


  • Mahomed Hussain, Wasir
  • Mullah Rahim Dad, Ex-Naib of Shawl

Spelling Variants

Modern name: Kalat
Variants: Khelat/Kelat/Kelat-e-Kohistan/Kelat-e-Nasseer

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