17th Regiment of Foot

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Crest of 17th Regiment of Foot

Known as Royal Leicestershire Regiment


  • 1688 raised as Solomon Richard's Regiment of Foot in London; known until 1751 by the names of 8 other colonels
  • 1751 became the 17th Regiment of Foot
  • 1782 became the 17th (Leicestershire) Regiment of Foot
  • 1881 amalgamated to become The Leicestershire Regiment
  • 1945 became the Royal Leicestershire Regiment
  • 1948 became part of the Forester Brigade
  • 1964 The 1st Battalion, Royal Leicestershire Regiment became the 4th (Leicestershire) Battalion, The Royal Anglian Regiment
  • 1975 disbanded

Service in British India

Four hundred and twelve men volunteered to remain in India in 1823, when the regiment returned to England. It lost in India one thousand and twenty-one men by disease and killed in action; and four hundred and twelve were invalided.[1]

Regimental journal

The Green Tiger is the journal of The Royal Leicestershire Regiment, first published 1904. Available to read online from the website of the Royal Leicestershire Regiment

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Scroll to the article "A Military Execution in India" by Ray Beck in The Kipling Journal December 2009 pages 22-30. This article gives an account of the execution by hanging of No.2638 Private George Flaxman of the 2nd Battalion Leicestershire Regiment at Lucknow on 10 January 1887, including an eyewitness account, “for the wilful murder of Lance Sergeant William Carmody of the 1st Battalion Leicestershire Regiment at Ranakit on or about the 9th of September 1886” kiplingjournal.com


  1. Historical Record of the Seventeenth, or the Leicestershire Regiment of Foot, page 37 and page 38