Jat War

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Jat War
Chronological list of Wars and Campaigns
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East India Company Jats of Bharatpur
Result: British victory
Medals: Army of India Medal 1799-1826, Clasp: Burtpoor
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Jat War 1825-26
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The Raja of Bhurtpore (Bharatpur) Baldeo Singh had a treaty with the British which followed the 2nd Maratha War. When he died his six year old son Bulwant Singh succeeded him under a regent. Durgan Sal, the boy's cousin, usurped the regency. Sir David Ochterlony the British Resident in Delhi warned the Jats not to obey the usurper and raised a force put him down. This was countermanded by Lord Amherst the Governor General but later Lord Combermere was sent with 27,000 troops and war broke out on 10 December 1825. Bhurtpore was stormed, Durgan Sal taken prisoner and the young Raja reinstated. The nearby forts of Beana and Weir capitulated shortly afterward.

Campaign Forces

Agra Division
Maj-Gen Jasper Nicolls CB

Mathura Division
Maj-Gen Thomas Reynell CB


Entries in the Dictionary of Indian Biography 1906:
Lord Amherst (1773-1857)
Stapleton Cotton, Lord Combermere (1773-1865)
Jasper Nicolls (1778-1849)
David Ochterlony (1785-1825)

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