16th Regiment of Madras Native Infantry

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Known as 16th Regiment of Madras Native Infantry in the Madras Army
Known as 76th Punjabis in the Indian Army


  • 1776 raised as 16th Carnatic Battalion
  • 1784 became 16th Madras Battalion
  • 1796 became 2nd Battalion, 5th Regiment of Madras Native Infantry
  • 1824 became 16th Regiment of Madras Native Infantry
  • 1885 became 16th Madras Infantry
  • 1903 became 76th Punjab Regiment
  • 1922 became 3rd/1st Punjab Regiment
  • 1947 allocated to India on Partition

Battle Honours

British Library holdings

Regimental histories

  • A Brief history of the 3rd Battalion 1st Punjab Regiment : formerly 76th Punjabis, 16th Madras Infantry, 16th Regiment, Madras Native Infantry, 2nd Battalion, 5th Madras Native Infantry, 16th Madras Battalion, 16th Carnatic Battalion, or Lane's Battalion. Variant Title: History of the 3rd Battalion, 1st Punjab Regiment. Published 1927 by Gale & Polden, Aldershot. Now available online, see below.
  • The First Punjabis - History of the First Punjab Regiment 1759 - 1956 by Major Mohammed Ibrahim Qureshi, published 1958,[1] by Gale & Polden, Aldershot.

Second World War

3/1st Punjab Regiment was part of the 5th Indian Infantry Brigade 23/9/39 - 3/1/42. The 5th Indian Infantry Brigade was raised at Jhansi on 23 September 1939 from 9th (Jhansi) Brigade. The movements of the Brigade were as follows

India 23/9/39 - 23/9/39
At sea 23/9/39 - 3/10/39
Egypt 3/10/39 - 21/12/40
Sudan and East Africa 21/12/40 - 13/4/41
Egypt 13/4/41 - 8/6/41
Syria 8/6/41 - 10/41
Egypt and Libya 10/41 - 4/42[2]

External links

  • The Battle of Ctesiphon by David Fletcher 14th August 2013 tankmuseum.org, now archived. Mesopotamia, 23/24th November 1915. The 76th Punjabis fought in the battle.
  • Obituary of Lt-Col Charles Boulter 1918-2011 who was awarded the MC in 1941 in the battle for Damascus with the 3rd Battalion 1st Punjab Regiment (3/1 PR). 17 August 2011 The Telegraph, archived.
  • Obituary of Lt-Col Jack Gibson 03 February 2013 The Telegraph. Briefly mentions 3/1st Punjab Regiment at the battle of Keren in 1941 between British and Commonwealth forces and the Italian colonial army defending Eritrea.
  • Obituary of Major Jack Bazzard 28 June 2009 The Telegraph, archived. Mentions D Company, 3rd Battalion 1st Punjab Regiment in Italy in a fiercely-fought battle in December 1944 near Pergola, south west of Faenza.

Historical books online


  1. For more details, see Chidley, Ann The First Punjab Regiment Rootsweb India Mailing List 23 August 2011, now archived.
  2. WW2Talk Forum thread 4/6 Rajputana Rifles reply by 'dryan67'. David A Ryan is co author of books on the Indian Army in WW2, see the WW2Talk Forum post Indian Army: An Organisational History (retrieved 11 August 2016)