Battle of Chillianwallah

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Battle of Chillianwallah
Part of 2nd Sikh War
Date: 13 January 1849
Location: Chillianwala, Punjab
Presidency: Bengal
Co-ordinates: 32.669076°N 73.598009°E
Result: Indecisive
East India Company Sikh Empire
Maj Gen Sir Hugh Gough Sher Singh Attariwalla
16,000 British & Indian troops
66 guns
Est 23,000 Sikhs of the Khalsa
60 guns

Army of the Punjab

Order of Battle at Chillianwallah
Commander in Chief: Maj Gen Sir Hugh Gough

Cavalry Division
Maj-Gen Sir Joseph Thackwell

1st Infantry Division
Lt-Gen Sir Walter Gilbert

  • 1st Brigade: Brigadier Mountain
  • 2nd Brigade: Brigadier Godby

2nd Infantry Division
Sir Colin Campbell

  • 2nd Brigade: Brigadier Hoggan


  • 6 horse batteries: Maj-Gen Brooke
  • 1st Brigade: Grant, Lane, Christie and Huish
  • 2nd Brigade: Brind, Warner, Duncan and Fordyce
  • 3 field batteries: Mowatt, Robertson and Dawes
  • 2 heavy batteries: Maj Horsford, Capts Shakespeare and Ludlow

Spelling Variants

Modern name: Chilianwala
Variants: Chillianwallah

Recommended Reading

"Historic Battlefields of Pakistan" by Johnny Torrens-Spence, Oxford University Press, Karachi 2006
ISBN 0195978978 ISBN 978-0195978971

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