Battle of Cuddalore 1783

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Battle of Cuddalore 1783
Part of 2nd Mysore War
East Indies Campaign
Date: 20 June 1783
Location: Cuddalore, Tamil Nadu
Presidency: Madras
Co-ordinates: 11.745571°N 79.825421°E
Result: French fleet prevented the loss of Cuddalore
HEIC army and British Fleet Garrison and French Fleet
General James Stuart
Admiral Sir Edward Hughes
Admiral de Suffren

This was an event during the East Indies Campaign


General Stuart determined to recover Cuddalore from the French who had constructed entrenchments in front of the town. He arrived on 7 June and the British fleet under Admiral Hughes anchored to the south of the fort to protect the army and its supply ships. Stuart commenced the assault on 13 June. Attack and counterattack followed in the next three days until the French fleet arrived on 16 June. The naval action was indecisive but the British were forced to withdraw due to scurvy and lack of water. The French landed reinforcements but the land armies were unable to gain advantage. A truce was agreed and hostilities suspended on 2 July.

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