Battle of Ferozeshah

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Battle of Ferozeshah
Part of 1st Sikh War
Date: 21 December 1845
Location: Ferozeshah, Punjab
Presidency: Bengal
Co-ordinates: 30.883319°N 74.783358°E
Result: British victory
East India Company Sikh Empire
Maj Gen Sir Hugh Gough Lal Singh
18,000 men
65 guns
30,000 men
150 guns
700 dead
1,700 wounded
about 3,000

The Army of the Sutlej

Order of Battle at Ferozeshah
Commander in Chief: Maj-Gen Sir Hugh Gough
Second in Command: Maj-Gen Sir Henry Hardinge, Governor General of Bengal

Cavalry Division

  • 1st Brigade: Brigadier White
  • 2nd Brigade: Brigadier Gough

1st Infantry Division
Maj-Gen Sir Harry Smith

  • 1st Brigade: Brigadier Hicks

2nd Infantry Division
Major General Sir Walter Gilbert

  • 3rd Brigade: Brigadier Taylor
  • 4th Brigade: Brigadier McClaren

3rd Infantry Division
Brigadier General Wallace

4th Infantry Division
Major-General Sir John Littler

  • 7th Brigade: Brigadier Reid
  • 8th Brigade: Brigadier Ashburnham

Spelling Variants

Modern name: Ferozeshah
Variants: Ferozeshah/Firoz Shaw/Ferozeshahr

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