1st Bengal (European) Fusiliers

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Soldiers of 1st European Bengal Fusiliers, pre-1862
  • 1652 raised as HEIC Guard of Honour (Ensign and 30 men)
  • 1685 increased to six companies with troops from England
  • 1756 became Bengal European Regiment
  • 1765 became 1st Bengal European Regiment
  • 1846 became 1st Bengal (European) Fusiliers
  • 1861 became 1st Royal Bengal Fusiliers
  • 1861 transferred to the British Army & renumbered 101st Regiment of Foot (Royal Bengal Fusiliers)
  • 1881 combined with the 104th Regiment of Foot (Bengal Fusiliers) and the Militia of Munster to become Royal Munster Fusiliers.
  • 1922 disbanded under the terms of the Anglo-Irish Treaty

Service in British India

Private Martin Rabbette, Royal Munster Fusiliers died from cholera in May 1908, whilst serving on the North West Frontier, Shabkader, India.[1]

Battle Honours

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