Battle of Sobraon

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Battle of Sobraon
Part of 1st Sikh War
Date: 10 February 1846
Location: Sabraon, Punjab
Presidency: Bengal
Co-ordinates: 31.149705°N 74.871038°E
Result: British victory
East India Company Sikh Empire
Maj-Gen Sir Hugh Gough Tej Singh
Lal Singh
20,000 troops
75 guns
30,000 troops>br>70 guns
230 killed
2,063 wounded
about 10,000
Sabraon Location
Survey 1920-1946

The Army of the Sutlej

Order of Battle at Sobraon
Commanding in Chief: Maj-Gen Sir Hugh Gough
Second in Command: Maj-Gen Sir Henry Hardinge, Governor General of Bengal

Cavalry Division
Major General Sir Joseph Thackwell

  • 1st Brigade: Colonel Scott
  • 2nd Brigade: Colonel Campbell
  • 3rd Brigade:

1st Infantry Division
Maj-Gen Sir Harry Smith

  • 1st Brigade: Brigadier Hicks
  • 2nd Brigade: Brigadier Penny

2nd Infantry Division
Major General Sir Walter Gilbert

  • 3rd Brigade: Brigadier Taylor
  • 4th Brigade: Brigade Maclaren

3rd Infantry Division
Major General Sir Robert Dick

  • 5th Brigade: Brigadier Ashburnham
  • 6th Brigade: Brigade Wilkinson
  • Detached Brigade:


  • 9 horse artillery batteries.
  • 3 field artillery nine pounder batteries.
  • 2 field artillery twelve pounder batteries.
  • 6 eighteen pounders.
  • 18 heavy howitzers and mortars.

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