3rd Bombay (European) Regiment

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  • 1853 raised as 3rd Bombay (European) Regiment
  • 1858 taken into the British Army as 3rd Bombay Infantry Regiment
  • 1861 renamed 109th Regiment of Foot (Bombay Infantry)
  • 1881 merged with the 100th Regiment of Foot (Prince of Wales's Royal Canadian) to form The Prince of Wales's Leinster Regiment (Royal Canadians).
  • 1922 disbanded on Irish independence

Service in British India

Jager (Jaeger) Corps

In 1860 the 109th Regiment of Foot in India was joined by more than 500 men of the Jager (Jaeger) Corps who had volunteered from the Cape Colony (part of South Africa under British Occupation until 1910) for service in India on the outbreak of the Indian Mutiny. The Jager Corps had its origin in the German Legion sent to the Crimea, which was then resettled in South Africa

At least for a time, the Jager Corps remained as a separate entity within the 109th Regiment.

For more details, see Jager Corps

Some of the men from the Jager Corps ended up with the 33rd Regiment of Foot in the Abyssinian Campaign of 1867-8.[1] The 33rd Foot was in India when the expedition to Abyssinia was organised, and had been there since 1857, so it seems very likely these men had transferred from the 109th Regiment, possibly to take part in the campaign.

There are India Office Records at the British Library

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