Recapture of Delhi Sep 1857

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Recapture of Delhi Sep 1857
Part of Indian Mutiny
Date: 14-20 September 1857
Location: Delhi National Capital Region
Presidency: Bengal
Co-ordinates: 28.656233°N 77.241066°E
Result: British victory
Delhi Field Force Rebel Sepoys
Maj Gen Archdale Wilson
The Regiments present at the Siege of Delhi from a painting by Major A. C. Lovett

This event was part of the Delhi Campaign during the Indian Mutiny

Storming Parties

1st Column under Brig-Gen John Nicholson

to assault the main breach
and Cashmere Bastion

HM 75th Foot (Lt-Col Herbert) 200
1st Bengal Europeans (Major Jacob) 250
2nd Punjaub Infantry (Capt Green) 450
2nd Column under Brig Jones

to assault the Water Bastion

HM 8th Foot (Lt-Col Greathed) 250
2nd Bengal Europeans (Capt Boyd) 250
4th Sikh Infantry (Capt Rothney) 450
3rd Column under Col Campbell

to assault the Cashmere Gate

HM 52nd Foot (Maj Vigors) 200
Kumaon Goorkhas (Capt Ramsay) 250
1st Punjaub Infantry (Capt Rothney) 500
4th Column under Maj Reid

to assault the Kissengunje
and Pahareepore suburbs

Sirmoor Goorkhas
Guides Infantry
European Pickets
Native Pickets 850
Reserve under Brig Longfield

to assault the Water Bastion

HM 61st Foot (Lt-Col Deacon) 250
4th Punjaub Infantry (Capt Wilde) 450
Belooch Battalion Lt-Col Farquhar) 300
Jheend Auxiliaries (Lt-Col Dunsford) 300

Victoria Cross awards

The following VCs were associated with the assault on the city

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