Battle of Qurna

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Battle of Qurna
Part of Mesopotamia Campaign
Date: 3-9 December 1914
Location: Qurna, Iraq
Presidency: not in British India
Co-ordinates: 31.015833°N 47.430556°E
Result: British victory
United Kingdom Ottoman Empire
Lieutenant General Arthur Barrett Subhi Bey, Governor of Basra
2,100 troops and 16 guns
27 killed
292 wounded
about 1,000

This event is part of the Mesopotamia Campaign in the First World War


Retreating from Basra, the Turks attempted to block the waterway but the British found a clear channel and attacked the Turkish army at the confluence of th Tigris and Euphrates at Al Qurna. At the third attempt the British moved north of Qurna cutting off the Turks who were forced to surrender.

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