Battle of Ramnuggar

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Battle of Ramnuggar
Part of 2nd Sikh War
Date: 22 November 1848
Location: Ramnagar, near Wazirabad, Punjab
Presidency: Bengal
Co-ordinates: 32.441411°N 74.111882°E
Result: British victory
East India Company Sikh Empire
Maj-Gen Sir Hugh Gough Sher Singh Attariwalla
12,000 British & Indians
60 guns
20,000 Sikhs
50 guns
150 est. a few hundred


The Sikhs set their line of defence at the Chenab River. Hugh Gough led his army against them but his cavalry attack was repulsed. The Sikhs considered this a victory but then withdrew.

Army of the Punjab

Order of Battle at Ramnuggur
Commander in Chief: Maj-Gen Sir Hugh Gough

Cavalry Division
Brigadier-General Charles Cureton

  • 2nd Brigade: Brigadier Pope

1st Infantry Division
General Gilbert

  • 1st Brigade: Brigadier Mountain
  • 2nd Brigade: Brigadier Godby

2nd Infantry Division
General Joseph Thackwell

  • 2nd Brigade: Brigadier Hoggan


  • 6 horse batteries: Lane, Christie, Huish, Warner, Duncan and Fordyce.
  • 3 field batteries: Dawes, Kenleside and Austin.
  • 2 heavy batteries.

Spelling Variants

Modern name: Ramnagar
Variants: Ramnuggar/Ramnuggur/Ramnugger

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