Battle of Rohtak

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Battle of Rohtak
Part of Indian Mutiny
Date: 17-18 August 1857
Location: Rohtak, Haryana
Presidency: Bengal
Co-ordinates: 28.886422°N 76.58933°E
Result: British victory
East India Company
Hodson's Horse
Rebel Sepoys
Lieut William Hodson Babar Khan
361 cavalry 300 horsenmen
900 matchlockmen
8 wounded

This event was part of the Delhi Campaign during the Indian Mutiny

Hodson's Detachment

Wounded in action

Guides Cavalry:

  • Sowar Shere Mahomed
  • Sowar Futteh Dagen (severely)
  • Sowar Zieman Shah (severely)
  • Sowar Issur Sing
  • Sowar Sheo Doss (slightly)

Hodson's Horse:

  • Sowar Behan Sing (severely)
  • Sowar Doola Sing (severely)

Jhind Horse:

  • Two sowars

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