Black Mountain Expedition 1868

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Black Mountain Expedition 1868
Part of North West Frontier Campaigns
Date: 3-22 October 1868
Location: Black Mountain Range, NWF
Presidency: Bengal
Co-ordinates: 34.617016°N 72.992962°E
Result: Submission of tribes
British & Indians Hassanzai tribesmen
Brig Gen Alfred Wilde
12,500 British troops

A complete account of the expedition is given in the Frontier and Overseas Expeditions from India Vol I referenced below. Involvement of the 19th Foot can be found in the 19th Foot article. A list of 19th Foot officers serving in the campaign is also available (The Hazara Roll).

Field Force

First Brigade
Brig Gen R.O.Bright
1st Battalion 19th Regiment of Foot
20th Punjab Native Infantry

Second Brigade
Brig Gen J.L.Vaughan CB
1st Battalion 6th Regiment of Foot
3rd Sikh Infantry
2nd Gurkha Rifles

Divisional Troops & Reserve
S Battery Royal Horse Artillery
19th Royal Artillery
24th Royal Artillery
Hazara Mountain Battery
16th Bengal Cavalry (188 men)
Guides Cavalry (131 men)
Detachment Telegraph Sappers
2nd Punjab Infantry
4th Gurkha Rifles
5th Gurkha Regiment
Levies & Police (518 men)

At Darband
38th Regiment of Foot
9th Bengal Cavalry
31st Punjab Native Infantry

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