Black Mountain Expedition 1891

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Black Mountain Expedition 1891
Part of North West Frontier Campaigns
Date: 12 March-2 October 1891
Location: Black Mountain Range, NWF
Presidency: Bengal
Co-ordinates: 34.617016°N 72.992962°E
Result: Submission of tribes
British & Indians Hassanzai, Akazai, and

Chagarzai tribesmen

Maj Gen W.K.Elles CB
7,300 British troops

Isazai (Izazai) Field Force

First Brigade
Brig Gen R.F.Williamson

Second Brigade
Brig Gen A.G.Hammond VC DSO

Third Brigade
Brig Gen Sir William Lockhart KCB CSI

Divisional Troops

At Aghi
*No 2 Dejarat Mountain Battery (3 guns)

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