Cuddapah-Nellore Railway

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The Cuddapah-Nellore State Railway from Tirupati ( Ranigunta ) to Nellore was under survey/construction by the Railway Branch of the Public Works Department with Frederick Lewis Dibblee Executive/Superintending Engineer in 1884-5; followed by Charles Albert Bull 1886 as Engineer-in-chief.

The opened in 1887 thus linking Vijayawada and Chennai and Charles Albert Bull became the Superitendent of Way and Works until 1891.

Te Railway was worked by the South Indian Railway(SIR), who attempted to purchase that section from the State. [1] [2] [3]

The line was further extended to Guntakal where, in 1887, a junction station was, being created for the joint use of the Madras Railway(MR), the Southern Mahratta Railway(SMR) and Bellary-Kistna State Railway.