Ferozepore Steam Tramway

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The Ferozepore Steam Tramway was a 2ft/610mm narrow gauge(NG) steam tramway of 6 ¾ miles (10.8km) connecting the Ferozepore station of the North Western Railway(NWR) to the village of Ganda Singh Bandar to connect to the NWR line from Lahore. This was a temporary tramway that opened in 1885 and crossed the River Sutlej by using a bridge of boats [1][2]..

The tramway was closed in 1887-88 with the opening of the Kaisar-i-Hind Bridge over the River Sutlej connecting Ferozepore directly by the NWR line to Lahore.

On closure the locomotives were sent to the Dandot Light Railway to serve the colliery worked by NWR

Spelling note

  • Ferozepore is the spelling given in the Imperial Gazetteer of India [3] which we take to be the definitive form.
  • Ferozpore is used in some references
  • Ferozepur is used in some documents
  • Firozpur is the modern spelling used on maps and in Wikipedia [4].


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