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Lieutenant-General Sir Harry Burnett "Joe" Lumsden (1821–1896) was an officer of the British East India Company who joined the 59th Bengal Native Infantry in 1838. He was present with the 33rd Bengal Native Infantry at the Forcing the Khyber Pass in the 1st Afghan War and fought in both the 1st Sikh War and the 2nd Sikh War. Under Sir Henry Lawrence he was appointed to raise the Corps of Guides in 1847. On a mission to Afghanistan during the Indian Mutiny, he was in the Waziri Expedition 1859 and commanded the Hyderabad Contingent 1862-69. he left India in 1869, became a lieutenant-general in 1875 and retired to Scotland.

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Historical books on-line

The Story of the Guides by Col G J Younghusband 1908 (gutenberg.org). Also available from Archive.org
Lumsden of the Guides: A Sketch of the Life of Lieut.-Gen. Sir Harry Burnett Lumsden by Peter Stark Lumsden , George Robert Elsmie 1900 Archive.org