Havelock's Campaign

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Brigadier General Henry Havelock was appointed to command the force designed to relieve Cawnpore and then Lucknow. From Allahabad he won a series of victories recapturing Cawnpore on 16 July 1857. He made three attempts to get to Lucknow. Finally, reinforced by Sir James Outram, he left Cawnpore on 19 September and re-entered Lucknow on 25 September. He was then besieged by a larger force of rebels and died of dysentery shortly after the siege was lifted for the second time on 17 November.

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Entries in the Dictionary of Indian Biography 1906:
Henry Havelock (1795-1857)
Nana Sahib (1819-59)
James Neill (1810-1857)
James Outram (1803-1863)
Tantya Tope (1820-59)
Charles Winham (1810-1870)

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