Hyderabad Main Line

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Hyderabad Main Line - Nizam's Guaranteed State Railway

Formed from the Wadi-Secunderbad Railway broad gauge(BG) line, from Wadi Junction to Secunderabad, opened 1874, 115 miles(185km) [1].

Financed by Nizam of Hyderabad, first operated as Nizam's Railway until in 1883 the Nizam's Guaranteed State Railway, was formed.

This line was extended to Warangal, 1886; Dornakal Junction, 1888; Bona Kalu, 1888 to the Hyderabad/British Frontier, 1889. Giving a total of 310 miles(499km) [1] and became the Hyderabad Main Line.

The line joined to the Bezwada Extension Railway which opened 1889 as south east extension from the Hyderabad/British Frontier to Bezwada Station (where there was a interchange to the Southern Mahratta Railway MG line ). Line length 22 miles(35km) [1].

The 6 mile section Hyderabad to Secunderabad was in 1901 converted to mixed gauge (BG and metre gaugeMG) to enable the MG Hyderabad-Godavari Valley Railway MG line to reach Hyderabad [1].


Further Information

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