Khundwah and Indore Railway Gauge Objection

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Khundwah and Indore Railway Gauge Objection concerns the proposal to construct the ‘Holkar State Railway’ from Khandwa (Khundwah) running northward to Indore

An objection was lodged in 1872 from George Berkley, Chief Engineer of the ‘Great Indian Peninsula Railway’(GIPR) , to the construction of this line to the metre gauge(MG). The line was described as the ‘Khundwah and Indore Railway’. The objection was that this railway should be constructed as a broad gauge (BG) line to provide an unbroken link between the GIPR and the NWR - both being BG systems [1].

This objection was overruled by the Government of India and metre gauge lines were permitted See page ‘Gauge Question’ for further information

The line when completed was named the 'Holkar State Railway' - see seperate page for further information