Madras (City)

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Madras (City)
Madras Central Station.jpg
Presidency: Madras
Coordinates: 13.09°N, 80.27°E
Altitude: 6m
Present Day Details
Place Name: Chennai
State/Province: Tamil Nadu
Country: India
Transport links
Madras Railway (to 1908)
Madras and Southern Mahratta Railway (1908 on)
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Madras (City)

Madras (now Chennai) was one of the early East India Company Factories, the location of Fort St George and the seat of the Madras Presidency.

Madras in 1862, with churches, missions & schools
Madras 1893 Rootsweb


Spelling variants

Modern name: Chennai
Variants: Madras

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See Madras Cemeteries, for details of some of the Christian cemeteries in the city.

Orphan schools

See the main article Orphan Schools in Madras, or the following list of schools:

Economy and business

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Also see Historical books online, below.


Note: this map contains an insert, A Plan of Fort St. George and the City of Madras, which can can be enlarged considerably.

Historical books online

Also see Madras (Presidency)
Directories online
Newspapers and journals online

Also available as downloads from GIPE, Gokhale Institute of Politics and Economics, Pune, with possibly better images. Vol. I, Vol. II, Part 1, Vol. III.
Parrys of Madras by Hilton Brown 1954. Full title: Parry's of Madras: a story of British enterprise in India., Public Library of India Collection.
On the Coromandel Coast by F. E. Penny 1908., Granth Sanjeevani Collection.
  • Vicissitudes of Fort St. George by David Leighton 1902 The history to 1798.
  • The Church in Madras : being the History of the Ecclesiastical and Missionary Action of the East India Company in the Presidency of Madras by Rev Frank Penny 1904
Volume 1 In the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries Volume 2 1805 to 1835 Volume 3 1835 to 1861
These articles have been reprinted as the book Marriages at Fort St. George, Madras, published 1907. This book is available to read online, or download, catalogue entry, from FamilySearch. You need to be registered and sign in first. version.
List Of Marriages Registered in the Presidency Of Fort St George 1680 - 1800 edited by H Dodwell, Curator Madras Record Office 1916. Tamil Virtual Library. These records are compiled from St Mary's registers, and also Missionary registers, so perhaps include records additional to the record series above. Contains 74 pages of records. version.