Mohari-Barauli Railway

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The Mohari-Barauli Railway was a 2ft 6in/762mm narrow gauge(NG) line, with a length of 15 miles(24km) that opened in Feb 1917. The line was constructed by the Imperial Delhi Committee for the carriage of stone for Delhi (later to be named New Delhi) from quarries at Barauli and was managed, maintained and worked by the Dholpur State Durbar in conjunction with the Dholpur-Bari Light Railway(DBLR) [1].

From Barauli the line ran to Mohari Junction, 5 miles(8km) north-west of Bari, where it joined the narrow gauge NG Dholpur-Bari Light Railway(DBLR) line to Dholpur . At Dholpur there was an interchange to the GIPR broad gauge BG line to Agra and onward to Delhi [1].

The line was later worked as part of the Dholpur-Bari Light Railway(DBLR) system and later in 1929 extended a westward to reach Sirmuttra(Sir Muttra).

Further Information

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