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The term planter could refer to either a Tea Planter, Coffee Planter or Indigo Planter. There were also other crops grown, including Jute, Cinchona and Sugar. Rubber was grown mainly in Ceylon and Malaya, although there was some grown in Southern India.

The following directories held in the Asian & African Studies Reading Room at the British Library may have references to planters:

  • The planting directory of India and Ceylon
  • Planting directory of Southern India
  • D'Vauz's Burma pocket almanac and directory
  • Hyderabad almanac and directory
  • Lahore directory
  • Hayes' Mysore and Coorg directory
  • The Tenasserim and Martaban almanac and directory
  • Travancore directory
  • Thackers directory

Some of the above directories are also available online. See Directories online and pages such as Tea Plantation and Coffee Planting.