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Railway Board

The ownership of the Railways, progressively from 1886 onwards, was acquired by the Government of India. The management and organisation of these acquired Railways was delegated to the Public Works Department - Railway Branch.

The Punjab Northern State Railway was, in 1886, the first railway in India to be nationalised.

In 1901, on the recommendations of the Sir Thomas Robertson Committee regarding the administration and working of the railways, an early version of the railway board was constituted, with three members serving on it at first. In 1905, its powers were formalised by the GoI. It consisted a Government Railway official, who was the Chairman of the Board, a Railway Manager from England and an Agent of a Company Railway [1].

The constitution of the Railway Board was “to control the railway system in India and its extensions, in place of the Public Works Department , Railway Branch, of the Government of India.” [2].

The headquarters of the Railway Board was established in Simla, occupying the building used by the the Public Works Department

Railway Board Members

In 1921 a reoganisation of the Railway Board was carried out and a Chief Commissione of Railways was appointed [1]

Chief Commissioner of Railways[6]

  • 1922-28, Sir Clement Hindley
  • 1928-29, Sir Austen Hadow
  • 1929-40, Sir Guthrie Russell
  • 1940-44, Sir Leonard Wildson
  • 1944-46, Sir Arthur Griffin
  • 1946-47, Col RB Emerson


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