Retreat from Jugdulluk

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Retreat from Jugdulluk
Part of 1st Afghan War 1839-42
Date: 12 January 1842
Location: Jugdulluk, Afghanistan
Presidency: Bengal
Co-ordinates: 34.427737°N 69.760313°E
Result: British retreat
British & Indians Ghilzai tribesmen
Brigadier Thomas Anquetil Mohammad Akbar Khan

This was an event during the 1st Afghan War
For context see main article Retreat from Kabul to Gundamak

Jugdulluk to Gundamak

This was the seventh day of the Retreat from Kabul to Gandamak. General Elphinstone, Brigadier Shelton and Captain Johnson were detained by Akbar Khan despite demands to be escorted back to their troops at Jugdulluk. Capt. Skinner on his way to obtain news was shot in the face and died shortly afterwards. All day the force were subjected to attacks and, with no word from their general, Brig. Anquetil determined to make a night march to Jalalabad. They descended into the Jugdulluk valley and climbed again in a narrow defile until coming near the summit to thorn barriers blocking the way. While delayed struggling to get through this they were attacked from all sides and a massacre worse than Tunghi Tarika took place. Brigadier Anquetil was among 12 officers killed. They pressed on until they reached the Surkab River where several privates and Lieut. Cadet were killed as they crossed.

Named casualties

  • Brig. Thomas Anquetil - killed
  • Capt. James Skinner, 61st NI - killed at Jugdulluk
  • Paymaster Thomas Bourke, 44th Foor - killed at Jugdulluk
  • Lieut. Henry Cadett, 44th Foot - killed at Soorab
  • Capt. William Dodgin, 44th Foot - killed at Jugdulluk Pass
  • QM Robertus Halahan, 44th Foot - killed at Jugdulluk Pass
  • Surgeon John Harcourt, 44th Foot - killed at Jugdulluk Pass
  • Maj. William Thain, 21st Foot - killed at Jugdulluk Pass
  • Lieut Wade, 44th Foot - killed on march to Jugdulluk
  • Lieut. Birkingyoung - killed
  • Lieut. William Tombs, 5th NI - killed
  • Lieut. Horsburgh - killed
  • Lieut. Henry Bazett, 5th Light Cavalry - killed at Jugdulluk Pass
  • Capt Edward Blair, 5th Light Cavalry - killed at Jugdulluk Pass
  • Capt John Bott, 5th Light Cavalry - killed at Jugdulluk Pass
  • Capt. James Marshall, 61st NI - killed
  • Capt. Thomas Nicholl, Bengal Horse Artillery - - killed at Jugdulluk Pass

Spelling Variants

Modern name: Jagdalak/Jegdalek
Variants: Jagdalek/Jagdalik/Jugdulluk

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