Retreat from Kabul to Gundamak

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Retreat from Kabul to Gandamak
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This was an event during the 1st Afghan War



Sir William Macnaghten the political agent in Kabul was murdered at a conference by Mohammad Akbar Khan the son of Amir Dost Muhammad Khan on 23 December 1841. On 24 December 1841 Major Eldred Pottinger took up negotiations with the Afghans. He agreed to give up most artillery pieces, spare rifles, ammunition, money and six hostages for safe passage to Jalalabad.

The Retreat

In bitter winter weather the retreating army was continually attacked and in a series of rearguard actions the majority of the troops and camp followers perished. Muhammad Akbar took 120 men, women and children hostage. The remnants of the 44th Regiment, 20 officers and 45 European soldiers, made a last stand at Gundamak.

Retreating Army

4,500 fighting men under Brigadier John Shelton
Advance Guard
Brigadier Anquetil commanding

Main Body
Brigadier Shelton commanding

Colonel Chambers commanding

Total 4,500 fighting men and 12,000 followers

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Spelling Variants

Modern name: Gandomak
Variants: Gandamak/Gundamak/Gundamuck/Gundumuk

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