Seaton's Movable Column

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Seaton's Movable Column
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To clear the Doab of rebel forces south east of Aligarh a movable column under Brigadier Sir Thomas Seaton KCB was dispatched from Delhi at the beginning of December 1857. This won a series of engagements until it joined with Sir Colin Campbell's forces at Fatehgarh.

Movable Column

Infantry (1,036 men)

Artillery (233 men)

  • European Horse Artillery (140 men)
  • Native Horse Artillery (28 men)
  • Sikh Artillery (65 men)
  • Guns
Six 9-pounders
Two 18-pounders
One 8 inch howitzer
Two 5.5 inch mortars

Cavalry (690 men)

  • Carabiniers and Lancers (140 men)
  • Hodson's Horse (550 men)
  • Sikh Artillery (65 men)

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