Siege of Kahding

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Siege of Kahding
Part of Taiping Rebellion 1850-64
Date: 1 May 1862
Location: Jiading, Jiading District, Shanghai, China
Presidency: Madras
Co-ordinates: 31.395907°N 121.24352°E
Result: British victory
British troops Taiping Rebels
Brig Gen Sir Charles Staveley

Allied Forces

Only the British troops took part in the storming of Kahding

Royal Engineers 22 men
Royal Artillery with 7 guns & 6 mortars 100 men
HM 31st Regiment of Foot 552 men
HM 99th Regiment of Foot 140 men
HM 67th Regiment of Foot 140 men
22nd Punjab Native Infantry 350 men
5th Bombay Native Infantry 350 men
French Contingent with 8 guns 900 men
Ward's Legion of Chinese 1,000 men
British Naval Division under Capt Borlase with 9 guns 330 men
Total 3,884 men
Imperial troops under Gen Le 5,000 men

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