Siege of Multan Dec 1848

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Siege of Multan Dec 1848
Part of 2nd Sikh War
Date: 27 December 1848- 22 January 1849
Location: Multan, Punjab
Presidency: Bengal
Co-ordinates: 30.206085°N 71.479534°E
Result: Multan captured
East India Company Sikhs
Gen William S. Whish Dewan Mulraj

Multan Field Force

Commanded by: Gen William S. Whish

Order of Battle 27 December 1848

Left Column
Brigadier the Hon Henry Dundas CB

Left Centre Column
Brigadier Capon

Right Centre Column
Lt-Col Nash CB, 72nd Native Infantry

  • 3 Coys HM 32nd Foot (Major Case)
  • 6 Coys 72nd Native Infantry (Capt Lloyd)
  • Four guns 4th Troop 3rd Brigade Horse Artillery (Capt Anderson)
  • 3rd Coy Pioneers (Lieut Gordon)

Right Column
Lt-Col Young, HM 10th Foot

Assault Force 2 January 1849

Bengal Division
Right Column: Brigadier Frederick Markham

Bombay Division
Left Column: Brigadier Stalker CB

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