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Sir Henry Lawrence

Sir Henry Montgomery Lawrence (1806-1857) was a British soldier who went to India in 1823 to join the Bengal Artillery. He served in the 1st Burma War. He also served in the 1st Afghan War and the 1st Sikh War after which he became British Resident at Lahore and Agent to the Governor-General for the North West Frontier. He founded the Lawrence Military Asylum.
He was Chief Commissioner of Oudh when the Indian Mutiny broke out and commander of the garrison in the First Siege of Lucknow. He was wounded and died in the first few days of the siege. His tomb is in the Residency cemetery.

His elder brother George Lawrence also fought in the 1st Afghan War and was one of the hostages held by Mohammed Akbar Khan. His younger brother John Lawrence was a statesman and Viceroy of India.

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