Siege of Cawnpore Nov 1857

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Siege of Cawnpore Nov 1857
Part of Indian Mutiny
Date: 19 November - 6 December 1857
Location: Cawnpore, Uttar Pradesh
Presidency: Bengal
Co-ordinates: 26.470876°N 80.371896°E
Result: British victory
East India Company Rebel Sepoys
Maj Gen Charles Windham
Sir Colin Campbell
Tatya Tope

This article is part of the Events at Cawnpore and the Oude Campaign during the Indian Mutiny


After Havelock recaptured Cawnpore in July 1857 he set out to relieve the Siege of Lucknow where he too became besieged. General Colin Campbell gathered a larger force and left General Windham with 1,500 men to hold Cawnpore. On 19 November Tantya Tope brought a rebel army of 6,000 men to threaten the city. Windham attacked the advance guard on 26 November and drove them back but withdrew to an entrenchment and the rebels occupied Cawnpore. General Campbell returned from Lucknow and on 6 December defeated the rebel forces.

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