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Baluchistan, also known as British Baluchistan was a province during the British period. The present province of Balochistan in Pakistan includes the region that was formerly British Baluchistan, Agency Territories, and the states of Kalat, Las Bela, Makran and Kharan.

Spelling variants

Modern name: Balochistan
Variants: Baluchistan/Beloochistan



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Baluchistan Districts


The area was divided into two main parts: British Baluchistan and Agency Territories.


Baluchistan Districts lists the administrative districts of British Baluchistan. Thal-Chotiali District was later divided between Loralai and Sibi Districts.


Princely States

The following princely states were located in the region and included into it when the province was formed.



Military Operations

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Baluchistan Agency
Chief Commissioner's Province
Kalat Princely State
Las Bela Princely State
Kharan Princely State
Makran Princely State


Page 92 18.3.1918 114th Squadron, R.F.C transferred to Sibi, Baluchistan. The war against the Marris
Page 96 23.4.1918 Harnai
Page 97 6.5.1918 The squadron prepare to leave for Quetta.

Historical books online

Narrative of Various Journeys in Balochistan, Afghanistan, the Panjab, and Kalât, During a Residence in Those Countries: To which is Added an Account of the Insurrection at Kalât, and a Memoir on Eastern Balochistan by Charles Masson 1844 Google Books Volume 1, Volume 2, Volume 3, Volume 4
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Baluchistan District Gazetteer Series. Vol. IX: Index to Volumes I to VIII 1908. Pdf download, Digital Repository of GIPE-Gokhale Institute of Politics and Economics [Pune India]. Other volumes are also available on GIPE.
Viewers in some countries, probably including North America, may be able to access volumes on the Google Books or Hathi Trust websites.