Battle of Mauritius

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Battle of Mauritius
Part of Napoleonic War
Date: 29 November 1810
Location: Mauritius
Mascarene Islands, Indian Ocean
Presidency: Madras
Co-ordinates: 20.348404°S 57.552152°E
Result: French capitulation
British Naval Expedition French
Maj Gen John Abercromby
Vice-Admiral Sir Albemarle Bertie
Vice-Admiral William O'Bryen Drury
General Charles Decaen
1,300 regular troops
10,000 militia
28 killed
94 wounded
45 missing

Also known as Île de France

Expedition Force

Maj Gen John Abercrombie commanding
First Brigade
Lt-Col Picton, 12th Foot

Second Brigade
Lt-Col Samuel Gibbs, 59th Foot

Third Brigade
Lt-Col Kelso

Fourth Brigade
Lt-Col McLeod, 69th Foot

Fifth Brigade
Lt-Col Lionel Smith, 65th Foot

Reserve Brigade
Lt-Col Keating, 65th Foot

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